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The Truth About Cancer

The Truth About Cancer

“The politics of medicine are keeping people from getting better.”
-Dr. Daniel Nuzum DO, NMD

Finally, the Truth about Laetrile’s Effectiveness in Battling Cancer is Being Told – Just 25+ Years Too Late in an 11 part documentary, The Quest for the Cures” by Ty Bollinger.

My name is Prudence Sinclair, and my personal cancer journey began when doctors gave me 6 months to live. That was 25 years ago when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer – malignant melanoma.

My beautiful dog, my mate, who was by my side every day helping me heal.
Heaven is lucky to have you. xxoo
This photo was taken just before my world fell apart.Khan & me (small)

After several surgeries and the option of chemotherapy, I decided to research the world for so-called “alternative medicine.” I was a frightened young woman in my early 20’s who flew halfway around the world on a journey to find focused comprehensive health solutions.

Against my husband’s, my family’s and Oncologists’ wishes, I decided to go to Mexico for Laetrile (B17) and other vitamin treatments to boost my immune system.
My oncologists’ 1st and 2nd opinions told me these treatments were not approved by the FDA and dangerously toxic. My doctor told my husband and mother that I would die if I had these treatments and to stop me from going. From my research at the local library in the late 80’s (no Internet back then) what my Oncologists were saying didn’t make sense. None at all.

Laetrile is not a magic bullet but it certainly helped and allowed me time to heal my body, my immune system to recognize my disease. Laetrile stops metastatic cancer and gives your body the time it needs to start to heal. Scientists and doctors claim chemotherapy does the same (the verdict is very much still out on that one) but wouldn’t you rather have a natural substance with less side affects at a lower cost treat you?

When I got back to Australia, I created an action plan and became CEO and master of my own health & healing. My vitamins- daily juicing – raw foods – meditation – visualization and hands-on-healing became my greatest causes of action. My rebellious nature also helped the healing process. As Bernie Siegel states, “naughty” patients, us rebels, produce more natural killer T-cells.

I was certainly ahead of the curve back then. After 4 years my doctor in Mexico told me those 4 wonderful words. “You are in remission”. This is when my passion took over and I started public awareness and medical seminars all across Australia, New Zealand and California.

Channel 9, Sydney, Australia invited my doctor from Mexico and me to be on the Mid-day show and Today show. My home telephone number went up on the screen and that was the start of something pretty amazing in my life.

My interviews are on YouTube…short and long version here

For decades we have been told lie after lie, and Sloan Kettering is a bullhorn for that deceit. We will never know how many people have died because they were coerced into thinking Laetrile was this “ever-so dangerous” drug that did nothing for cancer. How despicable. This documentary makes you think.

It is not only Laetrile – many scientifically proven so-called alternative medicines have been thwarted due to big pharma and the so-called best of the best research done by renowned companies such as Sloan-Kettering, who are making millions off of sick people.

Shocking study reveals:
USA 2% – Australia 2.3% survival rate with cytotoxic chemotherapy over 5 years – Pubmed study here

It’s time to get educated lovely you. You have options. This is my wish for you.

I’m here as your cancer coach, your lifetime coach, to straighten out the maze of fear and confusion around traditional and so-called alternative medicine – holistic – complementary – natural – nutritional – mind-body medicine. Education is paramount for you to make an intelligent executive decision about how you are going to heal from your illness.

You have options. Click Here
If you know one special person who is struggling with cancer or chronic illness, please share this information with them. There are many scientifically-proven options available today.

With love & gratitude,
Get your FREE health & healing mp3’s and DVD’s right here A great place to start.
p.s. Leave me a comment below so we can start discussing these options in more detail or make an appointment for a free consultation.
I love hearing from you and I make every effort to get back to as many people as I can.

Whether it’s traditional or alternative – it’s all medicine. The freedom to choose and participate in your own path to healing is powerful beyond measure. When you love your medicine, you experience profound results and can truly become master of your own health and well-being.

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  1. Hello Prudence. Congratulation and thank you so much for your testimony. My name is Alby, stage 4 colon cancer that has metastazed to omentum. After a surgery to remove 2 tumors from the descending colon, I was told that I have a stage 4 cancer and was given a few months to live. The option of another surgery and chemotherapy were offered to me but I was told that they won’t help me. I was told that if I feel that the chemo is harming me I ask the doctor to stop it and die. And the surgey, they told me, was going to succeed only 20%. I refused both chemo and the surgery and I went to see a naturopath doctor who is helping me for the moment. My big challenge is financial because the traitement offered by the naturopath dr is very expensive and is not covered by the healthcare insurance.
    Thank you again for your efforts to help and inform those who may find themselves in our situation and who can take wise decisions based on your experience.

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