Join me to explore the
many facets of how to live
your best life.

I went on a worldwide holistic healing journey after being
diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given six months to live.
That was 3 decades ago! I want to share what I learned and
teach you how to find your true path to holistic well-being,
happiness and true self-worth.

Are you ready?

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“Prue is a certified Zone Health & Nutritional
Coach and has personally accomplished the
desired AA/EPA ratio test result. She’s living
proof that nutrition is powerful medicine.”

– Dr. Barry Sears

“The keys to how one performs in any area of your life is having a capable holistic life coach and showing up for practice. Prudence can be your mentor and coach with her resources and wisdom.”

– Bernie Siegel, MD.


Guided Meditation

In my shop, I offer several guided meditation audios for you to use with your own
self-healing. I’ve personally designed and narrated my products, with the hope the
techniques that helped me in my journey to healing can also help you

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Can Love Cure Cancer?

Can Love Cure Cancer? When you think about the emotion of LOVE, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, the word love represents

Eat Healthy for Less

Eat healthy for less. So many of the conversations I have these days with people, are about the problems they are having affording food, especially

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