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Cancer Truths: “We’ve got it all.”

Cancer Truths: “We’ve got it all.” Have you or a loved one been told by a doctor, “we’ve got it all?” Before you start reading any further, I need to warn you my lovely peeps that today I’m going on a rant because I’m sad and I’m pissed off with the lies my peeps are hearing from their doctors. I am about to tell you some home truths about cancer and share a beautiful story of a twin sister’s unconditional love. I hope this story will encourage you to dig…

Animals Are Our Dearest Friends and Greatest Guides.

Animals are our greatest guides.  Life threw me a curve ball… I dedicate this blog to my little Jaggie girl and all of our soulful animals. Animals Are Our Dearest Friends and Greatest Guides: When I first moved to Boston 18 years ago, I found this tiny 4″ kitten crying on St. Botolph Street in the South End of Boston. I picked her up and took her home. I called the local animal shelter and put up posters for 30 days just in case she belonged to someone else. The shelter…

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer Dr. Wayne Dyer, our earth angel died last night at his home in Maui, Hawaii. Wayne Dyer gave every ounce of his being for the betterment of mankind. Heaven has a beautiful soul arriving. He helped me through many dark days in my life. I will treasure his teachings forever. Love & light on your transition dear man. A message from his family: Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had…