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Stuff the turkey and stuff me!

Stuff the turkey and stuff me! The holidays are here lovely you. Happy Thanksgiving It’s Wednesday morning, November 23 and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Oh, boy, delicious turkey – will that be the light meat or the dark meat? Mash potatoes – sweet potatoes with maple syrup and marshmallows (yikes, I hope not) green bean casserole – cranberry sauce with booze – don’t forget the gravy. Pumpkin pie – apple pie – pecan pie – sweet potato pie and heading back for seconds. Thanksgiving is all about eating. Many Americans start…

Animals Are Our Dearest Friends and Greatest Guides.

Animals are our greatest guides.  Life threw me a curve ball… I dedicate this blog to my little Jaggie girl and all of our soulful animals. Animals Are Our Dearest Friends and Greatest Guides: When I first moved to Boston 18 years ago, I found this tiny 4″ kitten crying on St. Botolph Street in the South End of Boston. I picked her up and took her home. I called the local animal shelter and put up posters for 30 days just in case she belonged to someone else. The shelter…