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Spiritual Healing

  A Gift to Myself: A Spiritual Day with the Dalai Lama The line was around the corner and down the road behind the Wang Theater when we arrived, apparently due to security checks and protesters who had a mantra all of their own…”False Dalai Lama – Stop Lying.” Check out this short video and experience what happened outside the Wang Theatre. False Dalai Lama As we waited in line to meet his Holiness, protesters handed us leaflets stating, “Dalai Lama, the worst dictator in this modern day.” They went on…

Your Soul

Connecting to your Soul

“The sacred truths of our etheric history can be recovered today because we are able to circumvent the conscious mind and reach the unconscious, which was not immersed in the River of Forgetfulness. Our higher Self remembers our past triumphs and transgressions in a selective way, whispering to us across time and space.” — Destiny of Souls I know firsthand that our spiritual lives play a significant role in our mental and physical well-being. Our spirituality, mentality and physicality are interwoven, interlocked and interdependent on one another. When I first began…