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Doctors gave me six months to live. That was 28 years ago when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - malignant melanoma - the most aggressive form, Nodular Melanoma. A disease normally found in men over 65 years of age, not someone in her early 20's. After decades of research and study I've discovered the truth about how to heal from cancer using natural and Integrative protocols. It must be a whole system approach.
Prue's Place is your soulful space to meet like-minded supportive friends, get educated and start learning what YOU can do to heal your life.
Experts in the world of Epigenetics (turning on your good genes) have endorsed Prue's Place and share their knowledge and expertise with us at our "Save Your Life" Symposiums.
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What to do when diagnosed with Cancer?


What to do when diagnosed with Cancer? 3 things to do when diagnosed with Cancer. A wide range of emotions flow over you when you are first diagnosed with a disease. Incomprehensible feelings of fear, rage, confusion, denial, anxiety and sadness. There is a sense of loss of control in your life. It can be devastating. I know these feelings first hand. Take Your Time It is OK to be afraid. You have the right to be scared, to cry and scream. Do it for a little while and then…

The Bitter Truth About Chocolate

Chocolate Bar

The Bitter Truth about Chocolate: It’s almost Easter which means soon little chocolate bunnies will be hopping off shelves and hopping into watering mouths all across the country. I will admit, although I’m a bit too old to believe in the Easter Bunny, I am not immune to the delightful satisfaction of biting off a chocolatey rabbit ear every now and then. And when I’ve bitten off more than I SHOULD chew, I tell myself it’s okay to indulge because chocolate is good for my health. Right? Well… yes and…