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What is the right medicine to save your life?

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Love is the best medicine

Why do we find it so hard to love and take care of ourselves when we know it is the best medicine?

If one of our inner belief systems or thought patterns is, “I am unworthy,” then one of our outer effects will be procrastination. After all, procrastination is one way to keep us from being who we want to be. Then we can berate ourselves again for procrastinating and prove to ourselves that we are unworthy of living a healthy vibrant life. How sad is that?

When the self-criticism intensifies we reach for our bad habits. We might stuff our faces with ice cream and chocolate or burgers and fries and gulp down way too many glasses of wine trying to bury the truth about us. How do we feel then? Even worse and now we have more ammunition to berate our beautiful selves further. Sound familiar?

When you berate yourself when you scold yourself and when you beat yourself up, whom do you think you’re treating this way. Would you say the things you say to yourself to your best friend?

Our programming, both negative and positive is part of our belief structure. We learned this from the day we were born to around 5 years of age. The way we were treated as a child is usually the way we treat ourselves later in life. The person you are berating and not believing in is you as a little girl or boy.

When you get angry with yourself and want to beat yourself up, think of yourself as a little girl or boy. If you had a little girl or boy around 3 or 4 years of age in front of you who was afraid and angry what would you do? Would you get mad at that child and beat them up or would you put your arms out and love and support that child and tell them everything is going to be all right. Now, you are the adult, and if you are not comforting the child within you, then how sad is that.

The past is over; it’s done and dusted. It is in the past, and that’s where it needs to stay. Today is the present moment, and you now have the chance to treat yourself the way you wish to be addressed. Don’t scold that little child within. Berating yourself makes you more frightened and unloved. Remember how it felt when you were a child to be belittled. Well, it feels the same way now to that child within.

Starting right now be kind to you. Do loving things for yourself. Love yourself as you’ve never loved anyone or anything before. This is what the child within needs to reach its highest potential.

Say this out loud every day…”I love and approve of myself every second of my life.” Say it louder! Shout it – scream it from the hilltops because love is the your best medicine.

I went for a hike in Massachusetts and happened to sit on this rock overlooking the ocean. I never saw the words on the rock until my partner; Dave said, “Prue, look what’s written on the rock you are sitting on.” As my lovely friend, Bernie (Dr. Bernie Siegel) says, “There are no coincidences.”

Our Thoughts Create Our Future.

Loving yourself and catching your thoughts is great healing medicine.

Buddha referred to our negative thoughts as the drunken monkey mind. Those screeching monkeys can get way out of control sometimes! When we change our thought patterns and start to release the old beliefs, we can begin healing our lives.

When the drunken monkey mind starts screeching, you need to hit the “delete” button – see it on the keyboard in your mind and hit the key. You have the power to stop your crazy thoughts right now and for the rest of your life.

The truth is we become what we think. I’ve proved this to myself over and over again during the last 3 decades. What you are feeling right now is creating your future, so if you don’t like your life as it is right now, you can change it. How powerful is that?

What if you could learn life-changing techniques that would stop you belittling yourself? Would you use them?

Love has been proven to be the greatest medicine of all.

Here are some of the techniques I use:

1. When the crazy thoughts come in, catch your thoughts and say STOP and then say to yourself, ” I love myself, and I am worthy of living my best life right now.”

2. See the “delete” button on your computer in your mind and hit it.

3. Yell out STOP! Go away and see your negative chatter drifting away or put all your thoughts in a hot air balloon and see them floating high up into the sky.

4. Put a rubber band on your wrist and whenever you catch yourself with drunken monkey mind chatter snap the rubber band.

Boom…guess what? You have just kicked your old negative beliefs to the curb. You have stopped the monkeys from screeching. The more you catch yourself in a negative state of mind and quickly do a pattern interrupt the better your life will become.

What is a pattern interrupt?

A pattern interrupt is a technique that changes a particular thought, situation or behavior. Neuro-linguistic programming uses this technique to interrupt and change thought patterns and practices.

Did you know that we have an average of 50,000 thoughts a day and 95% of those thoughts are repeated every day? That leaves us with very little space for creating our new positive life.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein.

I know from personal experience that tragic moments – emotional trauma causes disease. As some of you know, a 17-year-old drunk driver killed my dad when I was young, and I didn’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with the terrible grief. This young girl fled her country with a knapsack and a one-way ticket to see the world and to find herself.

Three years later, I was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of cancer – nodular melanoma and given 6 months to live.

What was your tragic moment?

The following are signs that an emotional trauma may be affecting you or a loved one: I suffered from all of these after my dad died.

  • Ongoing nightmares and flashbacks about an event.
  • Avoiding people, places, and situations that are reminders of the trauma.
  • Spontaneous recurrence or distressing memories of the event.
  • When reminded of the people, places, and situations of that traumatic event we become inconsolable.
  • Sweeping negative thoughts and blame about oneself, others, or the world (e.g., “I am no good,” “I have nothing to live for,” “The world is a dangerous place”)
  • Feelings of shame, horror, anger, guilt, or fear
  • Stopping your life and activities that used to interest you.
  • Self-destructive addictive behavior – drugs, alcohol, food
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Sleep issues
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional numbness
  • Edginess or irritability
  • Mood swings

These can all be signs of unresolved emotional trauma.

If you have experienced a traumatic event in your life and you have not healed the wound of that experience, chances are you will be dealing with the ramifications of chronic stress which could lead to cancer or another chronic disease.

Loving yourself is the best medicine.

If you are feeling lost or upset here are some great self-care rituals you can do daily to heal your life.

1. Look in the mirror and say to yourself. I love you (and then say your name.) It will seem strange to begin with but the more you can do this the quicker you will learn to love yourself.

2. Help someone – open a door for a stranger – smile at someone and see how you feel.

3. Check in with your emotions – sit down and go within and name your feelings without judgment.

4. Write out your thoughts and put them in a “Think Box.” See how many days a week you think the same negative thoughts and find ways to release those thoughts. Snap a rubber band!

5. Choose how and with whom you spend your time. Meet up with positive people who emit empowering uplifting energy – leave the drainers – the negative people alone.

6. Ask a couple of friends to tell you what they love about you.

7. Spend time with your pet. If you don’t have a pet, maybe one of your friends will let you stroke and play with their pet. Volunteer at a shelter.

8. Treat yourself to a luxury item. A therapeutic massage or a Reiki treatment. A small way of loving yourself.

9. Have a date with yourself – spend time alone nourishing yourself – go to a movie – museum or art gallery you’ve always wanted to visit.

10. Ask for help – most of us are scared to ask for help – big or small, ask and see how you feel.

Natural Cancer Therapies Can Heal Your Soul

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Does our spiritual life play a significant role in our overall well-being?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

When I first began my healing journey to learn how to heal from stage 4 cancer 30 years ago,  I had walked away from religion and didn’t really know what I believed in anymore. I never knew I had to heal my soul to heal my life.

The way we live our lives spiritually, mentally and physically are interwoven on one another.

Cancer taught me what I missing out on in my life, and one of those things was my spiritual life. Cancer taught me to heal my spirit. You must treat your body well but treat your soul better so you can find your true healing path.

Natural cancer therapies and choices can help to heal your soul.

You could say that cancer helped me begin a spiritual pilgrimage and what I discovered was my true healing power deep within me. It wasn’t something that was “out there” it was inside of me, and I needed to find my true faith and believe in me and my power to heal the wholeness of me. Once I tapped into this higher power, God, I felt guided in my choices and knew deep down in my soul that I was going to find my true healing. I saw signs and received messages daily telling me I was on the right path. I don’t believe I would be alive today if I hadn’t tapped into my soul.

All these years later, I am still learning and growing spiritually and enjoying this never-ending journey.

I have come across many books about spiritualism, but the one book that answered all my questions and helped me strengthen my spiritual beliefs was “Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton. In this book, Newton reveals some startling answers to the biggest question we all want to know the answer to. “Where do we go when we die?”

Dr. Newton uses hypnotherapy techniques and puts his clients so profoundly under that they remember their past lives and the life between the lives. It is in this space where souls decide what experiences and which bodies to have in the next lifetime. They also determine what they want to learn by selecting their bodies and experiences.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael NewtonJourney of the Souls became an instant hit, and readers wanted more. Dr. Newton’s next book was, Destiny of Souls, and this book goes into even more detail about what life is like on the other side. What an amazing book. I’m going to reread it because it filled me with a sense of wonder, joy, and peace.

Destiny of Souls by Michael NewtonIt was so refreshing to read what Dr. Newton’s clients remembered between lives. They talk about how souls deal with tragedy and hardships and about the ultimate source which, as they described, is the compelling presence  – essentially the God that we all wonder about.

This book is on my top 10 list of must-read books. If you are on a journey to discover your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, please grab a copy of this book from Prue’s Favorite Books. This book left me feeling joyful and at peace knowing that our lives are continuous after our earthly death. I’m not afraid of dying anymore. I’m not afraid of living either!


Heal your soul so you can heal your life.

With love,

Where’s the magic pill?

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Sadly, every one of us has lost loved ones to cancer or been diagnosed ourselves, and after all these years there is no magic pill.

Everyone here at Prue’s Place who has been diagnosed with cancer or suffering from an illness knows how hard it is to keep on track to healing their life. It would be far easier to pop a magic pill but there isn’t one, and I doubt if I will see that happen in my lifetime.

I am following a life science company who is working on a drug to change the expression of our genes. Hmmm, I wonder how that is going to work out. I’m sure there will be a long list of scary side effects.

It’s all about learning what the right foods are for you – Personalized Nutrition. Food is the best medicine and committing your mind to heal every part of you. The lifestyle changes you are making and have made will change the expression of your genes.

The majority of us can’t make the changes necessary to heal our lives.

It is way too hard. I have many friends and family members who will not listen or make the changes necessary to heal their lives. I’m sure you also do. It’s sad because you see people suffering and know there are things they can do to improve their lives.

Maybe that drug company looking for a magic pill to change the expression of our genes will help some people who can’t do it themselves. We will keep an open mind! I’ll keep you posted on my research.

Our minds rule our lives.

We’ve got to keep believing in ourselves. Even if you say, “I love and approve of myself and everything I do” or “Every day, and in every way, I’m getting better and better” Say these statements many times a day.

We must stop the dark thoughts or the “drunken monkey mind” in its tracks. Get off the emotional roller coaster ride and come back to center – back to neutral – back to peace and tranquility so your body can heal. The emotional roller coaster ride is not your friend.

Here’s an exercise you can do:

Grab your journal or a piece of paper and write this down.

“I love myself because…”

Get writing and fill out the entire page all about you and the ways you love yourself. Keep it for a few days and re-read it, add new things to your list. Notice what takes place when you are focused on all the beautiful things you love about yourself.

Have a beautiful day.

Love you,






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What disappoints you about cancer research and the billions of dollars we have given to  find a cure?

Do you go on walks for cancer and donate your time and money? Why? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.


Timmy Matley dies at age 36 – He was winning the cancer battle.

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Timmy Matley dies at age 36

A special tribute to our beautiful friend and Prue’s Place community member, Timmy Matley.

It is with the greatest sadness that I announce today at Prue’s Place Daily that our dear friend Timmy Matley has died. I knew last week that Timmy had died but I needed to gather my thoughts and do more research before I could write to you all.

This is what has gone viral on the Internet.
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Stop Judging. Stop Being Critical.

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Do you judge your friends? When was the last time you had a critical thought?

It doesn’t matter how young or old we are, what we do for a living or where we come from in the world, the color of our skin; our political views or religious beliefs and the language we speak – we all understand the language of love.

We all want to feel love, and when we learn to love ourselves, we can fulfill all our dreams and desires. Nothing holds us back because we trust and love ourselves unconditionally.
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Prue's Place

Was It Grief, Anger OR Rage?

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Grief? Anger? Rage?

We have a major storm bringing heavy snow and hurricane-like winds and blizzard conditions to Boston right now. New Englanders call these storms Nor’easters. The weather report tells us to expect between 12 – 16 inches of snow! All the schools and most businesses are closed today. How appreciative am I to be warm and toasty inside drinking my cup of tea and watching the birds who are covered in snow as they eat one seed at a time from the bird feeder.

Life! We must roll with the punches from sunny tropical days to blizzard snowy conditions. Life is all about staying neutral and going with the flow. “No Flow – No Go.” Read More

Controlling Our Minds – What Is Your Power Statement?

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Hello lovely you,

How do we control our minds so we can live a better life? What is your power statement?

The days and weeks of December are flying by. Did you know that we are in the highest realm of energy at this time of the year? This is the time when the spiritual world is reaching down with all their blessings to help us with our projects and to heal our lives? Take time to enjoy this time with prayer, meditation, and spend quality time with yourself. Make this season special and move into this beautiful spiritual realm of energy and enjoy every moment.

Talking about beautiful energy, what an amazing evening we had last night at our monthly healing “boot camp” class. Our special guest, Kevin Roth shared his incredible story of being diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma cancer and how he turned his life around in 3 years to be cancer-free.
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breathing techniques for cancer

Just relax will ya! Why should I relax?

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Just relax will ya!

We tense up and tighten up out of sheer habit during our day. We don’t even know we do it. Certain things make us automatically tense up our neck, shoulders and back and this produces shallow breathing, which creates tension. When we become mindful of our habits, we can relax more.

Learn to relax more during your day.

Find things to help you relax. Here are some of my favorites – Hot bath with Epsom salts, sauna, steam room, a massage, walking, meditating and my breathing techniques.
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You can save your life from cancer

Dying To Be Healed Of Cancer – Malignant Melanoma

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Dying to be healed of cancer – Malignant Melanoma.

I was dying to be healed. My name is Prudence “Prue” Sinclair, and my doctor told me I had 6 months to live.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 malignant melanoma and given only 6 months to live. That was 28 years ago. But instead of dying, I got educated.

Several surgeries later and given the option of chemotherapy, I decided to ditch traditional treatment and research the world for so-called “alternative medicine.” This was during the 80s, mind you. You couldn’t just hop on the Internet to find information; you had to hop on a plane… which is what I did.
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