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“When Prue speaks, people Wake up – Passion up – Show up in their life.

Prue is a passionate, inspiring thought leader, teacher, motivational speaker, author, who will teach and inspire you to wake up – passion up and show up in your life so you can live your best life ever. Her cancer mindfulness and life strategies have helped many people change their mindset and bring awareness to the multifaceted treatment and lifestyle options available.

Prue starting speaking at the age of seventeen at Rotary conventions and realized she not only had a gift, but a strong desire to touch peoples’ lives. She has spoken at hundreds of events in New Zealand, Australia and across North America, and has been a featured guest on Australian TV and radio shows.

Her 12+ years in Human Resource business consulting with technology startups in Boston gave Prue a firsthand glimpse of how stressful these careers can be on the CEO’s and the employees’ especially the younger generation’s overall well-being. When she speaks to corporations, she inspires employees to take charge of their whole health – their whole life.

Some of her popular topics are:

  • Being MINDFUL – is it just a bunch of woo woo nonsense?
  • How to have cancer, a myriad of tragedy and treat these experiences as gifts.
  • Do we have the power to heal our own life?
  • How to walk through adversity no matter what.

Prue’s Bio

28 years ago Prue was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma and given only 6 months to live. Instead of dying she got educated and learned how to participate in her whole health and life. Prue holds certifications in anti-inflammatory and raw organic plant-based nutrition and nutritional metabolic testing (LBA) (Hippocrates Health Institute & Dr. Barry Sears, Zone Nutrition) and continues her education in psychoneuroimmunology and the Quantum Model of Reality – the power of the mind to heal and the role of Epigenetics (turning on your good genes). She re-wired her brain, changed her state, and healed herself of stage 4 cancer with natural therapies. Her tragic moments became magic moments, and she now dedicates her life to inform, inspire and ignite people to become the leader of their life so they can become educated on how to walk through the fear of cancer and take the journey back to health and vibrancy.

In the 80’s Prue owned a Metabolic Mind-Body Clinic in Australia where she worked with cancer patients who were were given months to live. Prue has also worked at alternative and natural therapy clinics in Mexico, Europe and the USA.

Through her travels in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and the USA Prue has attained education, training and expertise in business management consulting, HR/organizational development and executive coaching, nutritional/metabolic/alternative medicine/natural therapies, wellness counseling, cancer coaching and energy psychology and energy medicine. The mind-body-emotional connection (psychoneuroimmunology,) mindfulness and meditation.

Prue recently launched her signature comprehensive 6-module online program Prue’s“Save Your Life” System. A proven system to help cancer patients and survivors concerned their cancer will return on how to take control of their whole health – their whole life. Private Time with Prue and her online programs help people walk through the fear and teach people how powerful they are to heal their body.

All of Prue’s programs and services complement modern medicine and alternative natural therapies.

Prue continues with her mission to devote her energies and expertise to help others become in charge of their whole health – their whole life.

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