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Love Your Breathing – natural tranquilizer

Love Your breathing – Natural Tranquilizer

Mindfulness Matters.

For those of you who think the practice of mindfulness is merely a woo-woo concept, think again. Recent research offers strong evidence that mindfulness, or practicing non-judgmental present-moment awareness for just 30 minutes a day can cause measurable changes in gray-matter density in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is associated with stress, sense of self, empathy and memory. This is incredible news and proves the mind-body connection and this product Love Your Breathing will help you destress your life.

When you change your thoughts – you change your state – you change the outcome.
~ Prudence Sinclair.

Love Your Breathing –

Natural Tranquilizer

This technique will help with anxiety and stress naturally – a powerful breathing technique I learned when I was in Asia.

Once you learn this breathing technique you have it for a lifetime to use whenever someone pushes your buttons – you have a food craving, addiction or just need a time out.