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Cancer Truths: “We’ve got it all.”

Cancer Truths: “We’ve got it all.” Have you or a loved one been told by a doctor, “we’ve got it all?” Before you start reading any further, I need to warn you my lovely peeps that today I’m going on a rant because I’m sad and I’m pissed off with the lies my peeps are hearing from their doctors. I am about to tell you some home truths about cancer and share a beautiful story of a twin sister’s unconditional love. I hope this story will encourage you to dig…

Stuff the turkey and stuff me!

Stuff the turkey and stuff me! The holidays are here lovely you. Happy Thanksgiving It’s Wednesday morning, November 23 and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Oh, boy, delicious turkey – will that be the light meat or the dark meat? Mash potatoes – sweet potatoes with maple syrup and marshmallows (yikes, I hope not) green bean casserole – cranberry sauce with booze – don’t forget the gravy. Pumpkin pie – apple pie – pecan pie – sweet potato pie and heading back for seconds. Thanksgiving is all about eating. Many Americans start…

Melanoma Madness

Melanoma Madness If you are new to my blog and don’t know my history, I was given only 6 months to live 30 years ago with stage 4 nodular malignant melanoma. Melanoma, as well as my home country New Zealand, are close to my heart. I wish to share with you today some real home truths about this deadly disease. I hope it will bring awareness, especially to my fellow Kiwis! (New Zealanders are affectionately known as Kiwis who live in paradise!) Melanoma diagnoses have dramatically increased over the past three years,…