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Nice one Cleveland Clinic – Melanoma research 30 YEARS TOO LATE.

Nice one Cleveland Clinic – Melanoma research – 30 YEARS TOO LATE. When my alternative and holistic doctors found out I was 6-weeks pregnant with Stage 4 malignant melanoma they insisted, I terminate the pregnancy. That was 3 decades ago! Does Your Pregnancy Make Melanoma More Dangerous? Words can’t express how devastating this time was in my life. 20 something and I had to make the most difficult decision of my life. THANK YOU to my wonderful so-called alternative – holistic doctors who were way ahead of the curve for…

Have you quit yet?

Have you quit yet? How are you lovely you? Are you on track and sticking to your health and healing goals for 2016? Did you know over 90% of us quit by January 15. Why do we quit? If you are struggling with your health and not sticking to your goals, you need a strategy – an action plan that suits your lifestyle with support and motivation. It is way too difficult on your own. Will power will not cut it. I’m here to help you – to support and…

Do You Love Your Body?

Do You Love Your Body? How does the following sentence make you feel? “You are gross and fat and ugly and no guy is ever going to want anything to do with you.” It makes you feel pretty bad doesn’t it? In fact, it seems like an abusive statement from your worst enemy. In a way it is, because this is the inner dialogue of many women all around the world. A recent survey commissioned by REAL magazine spoke to 5,000 women about their body image, and only 3% of…