Hello lovely you,

Feeling stressed today? Well, you will not feel stressed for much longer when you learn to just stop sit and breathe.

Find a comfortable place to sit, breathe in, breathe out. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Breathe in 12345 hold 12345 breathe out 12345 hold 12345 – now repeat.

Slowly open up your eyes and hit the play button on one of the videos below.
When we spent a few moments every day concentrating on our breath, and sitting in a quiet place, we lower our heart rate, lower our blood pressure and start to feel a beautiful calmness over our whole being – mind, body and spirit.

Try to set this up as a daily ritual and see how your life starts to change. You will soon respond rather than react to things.

Life will get easier and become more joyful.

Have a passionate perfect day!

Serenity Videos

These videos were created to help you breathe and focus on the wonder of life all around you…