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What to do when diagnosed with Cancer?


What to do when diagnosed with Cancer? 3 things to do when diagnosed with Cancer. A wide range of emotions flow over you when you are first diagnosed with a disease. Incomprehensible feelings of fear, rage, confusion, denial, anxiety and sadness. There is a sense of loss of control in your life. It can be devastating. I know these feelings first hand. Take Your Time It is OK to be afraid. You have the right to be scared, to cry and scream. Do it for a little while and then…

The Bitter Truth About Chocolate

Chocolate Bar

The Bitter Truth about Chocolate: It’s almost Easter which means soon little chocolate bunnies will be hopping off shelves and hopping into watering mouths all across the country. I will admit, although I’m a bit too old to believe in the Easter Bunny, I am not immune to the delightful satisfaction of biting off a chocolatey rabbit ear every now and then. And when I’ve bitten off more than I SHOULD chew, I tell myself it’s okay to indulge because chocolate is good for my health. Right? Well… yes and…