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November 2017

Dying To Be Healed Of Cancer – Malignant Melanoma

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Dying to be healed of cancer – Malignant Melanoma.

I was dying to be healed. My name is Prudence “Prue” Sinclair, and my doctor told me I had 6 months to live.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 malignant melanoma and given only 6 months to live. That was 28 years ago. But instead of dying, I got educated.

Several surgeries later and given the option of chemotherapy, I decided to ditch traditional treatment and research the world for so-called “alternative medicine.” This was during the 80s, mind you. You couldn’t just hop on the Internet to find information; you had to hop on a plane… which is what I did.

I was only in my 20s and scared to death, but I was determined to live, so I flew to the ends of the earth searching for a cure. My pilgrimage was to find focused, comprehensive health solutions that would help me to better understand the immense challenges ahead of me.

Do Tragic Moments Cause Cancer?

There were many tragic moments in my life, but when a teenage driver killed my father when I was 21, I completely shut down. I started having migraine headaches and was always sick. Of course, my doctor prescribed massive amounts of drugs, and I had no skills to cope with this horrific loss. Three months after my dad’s death, with only a backpack, a few dollars in my pocket, and a one-way ticket to see the world, I went off to find myself!

A few years later and recently married, I became happily pregnant, but my doctor told me I had to terminate the pregnancy or I would die.

And then came the cancer diagnosis and the sentence… “You only have six months to live. You need to put your affairs in order.” I was only 25 years old.

My Journey Back to Health and Finding the New Prue

In my worldly travels, I met some amazing people: religious/spiritual leaders, shamans, and scientists with fascinating research and doctors who were guinea pigs for their own creative medical inventions. One of my heroes who became a close friend was Dr. Kuhnau, who was known all over the world for his Live Cell Therapy − cellular therapy of live and frozen cells without preservatives. We would drive down to the San Diego fishing docks to buy shark cartilage, and he would inject himself first with his formula.

I’ve always been fascinated with different cultures, customs, and philosophies. I’ve traveled and studied Hawaiian, Maoris/Polynesian culture, Mexican, Brazilian, Hungarian, Indian, South East Asian gurus, Aborigines from Australia, and spiritualists/ancient European cultures. I’ve learned a myriad of meditation techniques, creative imagery, and enlightenment programs. I’ve studied metabolic therapies and the connection between illness and our emotional health.

NLP, psycho-cybernetics, and motivational self-development, body language, and corporate leadership courses were all fascinating to me. I wanted to know how people ticked.

I’ve learned the lifetime benefits of meditation

Did you know that our thoughts (our mind) quite literally creates our future? I learned how to control silent inflammation and stabilize my blood sugars with the right nourishment.

My travels and the wisdom I gained helped me to develop a system to save my life. I rigorously adhered to my daily action plan which included the right combination of foods, 40 supplements (including injectable vitamins and B17 Laetrile), Live Cell Therapy from Germany, along with daily rituals, meditation, exercise, hands-on healing, and mentally rehearsing my future life joyful and healed.

When it Comes to Healing, Your Choices Matter

Quote by Stage 4 malignant melanoma Cancer Survivor Prue Sinclair

“No matter what treatments you decide to do, your emotions and your thought process are vital to saving your life. We need more than just a green juice every day to save ourselves. Getting to the root cause – listening to the whispers within and taking a course of action to change your life is the secret to kicking your cancer to the curb for good.”



Dying to be healed of cancer - malignant melanoma

Learn how to get living not dying.


Those 4 Magic Words You Are Dying to Hear!

The moment I heard those four magic words: “you are in remission” I became a crusader. I had imagined a healthy new me helping others heal their life in the theater of my mind, and here it was magically in my reality.

I’ve researched the world for 25 years searching for innovative evidenced-based treatments, foods, and tools and have found things that have helped people save their lives. I’m on a mission to share these discoveries and offer hope.

Was I a Woo-Woo Nutter or Ahead of My Time?

Twenty-five years ago in Perth, Australia, I was a featured guest on Australian TV and radio shows. I started a metabolic, nutritional mind-body clinic and ran seminars in Australia, New Zealand, and America. We flew in research scientists, experts, and doctors from France, Romania, France, Germany, France, and America as guest speakers.

Many of the protocols I used to heal were highly controversial and considered “woo-woo” back then. I’d tell my story to others who wanted to know how I did it, and as soon as I told them, their eyes would roll in skepticism.

I had a huge “aha” moment 15 years ago when the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? came out. It was when I heard Dr. Joe Dispenza discussing how science had proven we could heal our bodies with our mind. This “woo-woo nutter” got the last laugh. I had intuitively re-wired my brain and reinvented myself to become the new healthy Prue.

I’m literally living proof that we all have the power to heal ourselves and shape our destinies. This is my wish for you too.

Malignant Melanoma Down Under

It is time for some real home truths about this deadly disease, and hopefully, I can bring more awareness to your life on what you can do if you have been diagnosed with malignant melanoma or want to prevent this horrific disease.

New Zealand and Australia have the highest melanoma rate in the world. Melanoma, and my home country, New Zealand, are dear to my heart and with a quarter of a century of experience, knowledge, and working with people diagnosed with melanoma, I’m here to help you know the truth so you can participate and save your life.

New Zealanders’ rates of invasive malignant melanoma nearly doubled between 1982 and 2011. Why? We often think − and doctors tell us − that the sun is the culprit. But is it?

New Zealand and Australia have a hole in their ozone layer. That hole in the atmosphere is shrinking, thank goodness. Both countries are sunny places, but I’ve never thought the sun caused melanoma. It doesn’t make sense to me because babies and young children get melanoma in the eye. Also, why do inside workers have increased rates of melanoma? I’ve been working with people in Norway, Sweden, and Russia who have melanoma. These are the coolest climate countries in the world.

I don’t believe that beautiful yellow ball in the sky is the bad guy.

Dying to be healed of Cancer - malignant melanoma

Prue Sinclair, founder of Prue’s Place awarded the top 70 blogs on the planet for melanoma

Is there a cure for malignant melanoma? No, there is not and don’t let any doctor convince you that the “new” immunotherapy drugs are a cure. The truth is immunotherapy drugs have their place and may help to slow this aggressive cancer’s progression and give you more time. But beware that the drugs are highly toxic and come with tremendous side effects, and you risk getting another illness.

They’ve combined the immunotherapy drugs – turned on the immune system to fight the disease, but the researchers and medical profession don’t know how to turn the immune system off. People suddenly die of a heart attack or get diagnosed with another illness.

People aren’t dying of cancer (melanoma.) They are dying of another disease caused by the drugs.

Cancer and Our Emotional Health

Over the last 25 years, I’ve studied a plethora of alternative therapies and natural approaches to healing along with the power of the mind over disease. The Center for Disease Control says that 80% of disease is caused by emotional trauma. I realized that the root cause of my illness was when a 17-year-old driver tragically killed my dad. That’s when part of me started dying.

New Zealanders (affectionately called Kiwis after the Kiwi bird, not the Kiwi fruit!) were taught to shove our emotions under the carpet and say, “just carry on.” Sad to think we were brought up like that.

The Importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vitally important. The best place to get it is that big yellow ball in the sky. Yes, the sun is your friend in therapeutic doses.

New Zealanders and Australians also consume way too many egg yolks, lamb, and red meat, which contain high levels of arachidonic acid (AA). Egg yolks and large amounts of animal protein can raise your levels of “silent” inflammation. High arachidonic acid causes high inflammation, which causes chronic disease. Not just cancer, but all autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Start Healing And Stop Dying.

  • Eat a plant-based organic diet that is rich in polyphenols, vitamins, and nutrients. You need nourishment with calorie restriction to let your body heal.
  • Avoid animal protein, egg yolks, and dairy products − especially conventionally-raised (factory farmed)
  • Omega 3s are vital to your overall health and will lower “silent” inflammation. Make sure you are taking high dose purified (low PCB count) fish oils. We can never get PCBs out of our bodies so don’t put them in! Vegans, make sure you are getting the correct amount of plant or algae Omega-3s.
  • Find out what your inflammation levels are with an AA/EPA test.
  • When it comes to the sun, don’t fear it but DO use your head. Be sure to get some sun, but not so much your skin burns.
  • Supplement with Vitamin D3.
  • De-stress your life. Let go of the drama, forgive yourself and the ones who have hurt you because it weighs you down and makes you sick!
  • Meditate 10 to 30 minutes a day.
  • Stop the crazy monkey mind in its tracks and start imagining a new you full of vitality and joy
  • Speak with a long-term survivor who has made it through. It’s too hard on your own. I know.

Have you conquered malignant melanoma or another type of cancer using western medicine or alternative – natural methodologies? Please share in the Comments section below.

Daydream? Visualize yourself well?

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Daydream? Visualize yourself well?

Welcome to Prue’s Place and our Tea Time Stories where we daydream and visualize.

The King’s Speech

This story is from an article written by CNN about David Seidler, who won an Oscar for best original screenplay for “The King’s Speech,” He was a stutterer just like King George VI, whose battle with the speech disorder is portrayed in the film.

What you might not know is that Seidler, 73, suffered from cancer, just like the King did. But unlike his majesty, Seidler survived the cancer, and he says he did so because he used the same vivid imagination he employed to write his award-winning script.

Seidler says he visualized his cancer away.

“I know it sounds awfully Southern California and woo-woo,” he admits when he describes the visualization techniques he used when his bladder cancer was diagnosed nearly six years ago. “But that’s what happened.”

Seidler says, when he found out his cancer had returned, he visualized a “lovely, clean healthy bladder” for two weeks, and the cancer disappeared. He’s been cancer-free for more than five years.

Whether you can imagine away cancer, or any other disease, has been hotly debated for years.

One camp of doctors will tell you that they’ve seen patients do it, and that a whole host of studies supports the mind-body connection. Other doctors, just as well-respected, will tell you the notion is preposterous, and there’s not a single study to prove it really works.

Seidler isn’t concerned about studies. He says all he knows is that for him, visualization worked.

“When I was first diagnosed in 2005, I was rather upset, of course,” Seidler says in a telephone interview from his home in Malibu, California. “After three to four days of producing a lot of mucus and salty tears, I knew prolonged grief was bad for the autoimmune system, and the autoimmune system was the only buddy I had in fighting cancer.”

Seidler said that’s when he decided to sit down and write the screenplay for “The King’s Speech,” which had been simmering in his brain for many years. “I thought, if I throw myself into the creative process, I can’t be sitting around feeling sorry for myself,” he says.

After consulting with California urologist Dr. Dino DeConcini, Seidler decided not to have chemotherapy or have all or part of his bladder removed, common treatments for bladder cancer. Instead, he opted for surgery to remove just the cancer itself, and he took supplements meant to enhance his immune system.

“For years, whenever I walked down the stairs I rattled like a pair of maracas, I had so many pills in me,” he says.

Despite his best efforts, the cancer came back within months. Seidler was forced to rethink his decision not to have chemotherapy or bladder surgery.

As his doctor booked an appointment for surgery two weeks later, Seidler commiserated with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, and it was a comment from her that gave him the idea to try to visualize his cancer disappearing. “She said, ‘Well, what happens if in two weeks they go in and there’s no cancer?’ ” he remembers. “I thought to myself that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. This woman’s in total denial.”

But later, reflecting upon her comments, Seidler thought perhaps she might be on to something — perhaps it would be possible for his cancer to just disappear while he waited for surgery. Figuring he had nothing to lose, for the next two weeks he imagined a clean bladder. “I spent hours visualizing a nice, cream-colored unblemished bladder lining, and then I went in for the operation, and a week later the doctor called me and his voice was very strange,” Seidler remembers. He said, “I don’t know how to explain it, but there’s no cancer there.” He says the doctor was so confounded he sent the tissue from the presurgical biopsy to four different labs, and all confirmed they were cancerous.

Seidler says the doctor couldn’t explain how it had happened. But Seidler could.

He says he believes the supplements and visualizations were behind what his doctor called a “spontaneous remission” — plus a change in his way of thinking. He stopped feeling sorry for himself because of his cancer and his impending divorce.

“I was very grief-stricken,” he remembers. “It was a 30-year marriage, and in my grief, I could tell I was getting sicker. I decided to just change my head around.”

“The mind has the power to heal”

While Seidler says he knows his unorthodox recovery techniques sound “woo-woo” to some ears, they sound “like science” to Dr. Christiane Northrup, a best-selling author who’s written extensively on the mind-body connection.

“This doesn’t sound woo-woo to me,” she says. “The mind has the power to heal.”

“She said, by moving himself from fear and abject terror into action, Seidler changed his body’s chemistry. Fear increases cortisol and epinephrine in the body, which over time lowers immunity,”

High levels of the two stress hormones lead to cellular inflammation, which is the way cancer begins, Northrup says. Taking action, as Seidler eventually did, decreases the hormones.

“Hope is actually a biochemical reaction in the body,” she says.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of “Love, Medicine & Miracles,” says it’s the same way an athlete uses visualization to improve performance.

“When an athlete visualizes success, their body really is experiencing success. When you imagine something, your body really feels like it’s happening,” says Siegel, a retired surgeon from Yale Medical School.

Start daydreaming and visualizing your magnificent self well.

I’m honored to have Bernie’s support for my work and programs at Prue’s Place.

To think I found Bernie’s meditation tapes in the late 80’s at the Perth, Australia library and listened to his meditations every single day. Who would have thought that 30 years later I’d still be here, let alone listening to Bernie delivering his meditation live in Connecticut, USA? I shed a few tears that night of absolute joy and gratitude for my amazing life. As Bernie says, “there are no co-incidences.”

Make sure you order Bernie’s book, Love, Medicine and Miracles. It is my favorite.

Bernie and me

Dr. Bernie Siegel and Prue


Here’s Bernie and me in Connecticut when I visited and told my story to his ECAPS group.

I’m coming back for another visit soon Bernie! 💝

Love you and always remember to daydream!



Thought for the day: “Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose. Become a child again and get daydreaming.” ~Prue Sinclair

I was a big daydreamer when I was a child. My Mother would catch me daydreaming and say, “You will never amount to anything daydreaming your life away, Prue.” How little we knew back then about the power of the mind and visualization!

P.S.  Are you ready to learn the secrets, the unique techniques and do the work to get your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life – your whole being in balance and harmony? If so, go here and get started with Prue’s “Save Your Life” System. Remember, cancer can’t live in a healthy, mind and body that lives in gratitude, balance and harmony. It’s time to find your true healing just like I did.

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Cancer? How heavy is your sack of potatoes?

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Living With Cancer?

Living with cancer can be such a heavy burden to carry around with you day in day out. I remember that heavy sack only too well.

It was so hard to enjoy my life. All I wanted to do was sleep and cry. When I started researching at the local library and reading every book I could get my hands on about how to survive cancer naturally was when I realized I must create a healing strategy – a daily action plan to change my life.

When we harbor anger, fear, guilt, and forgiveness for others, the weight of that sack of potatoes gets heavier and heavier and eventually causes us harm, and we become sick.

Give yourself permission to be alive.

I never realized how angry I was at life and how much I blamed others for my bad luck. I kept saying, but they don’t deserve to be forgiven. Soon I realized that you don’t forgive others because they deserve it; you forgive others because you deserve it and that will set you free.

Don’t let these people live rent free in your head and heart any longer. The load is too heavy my friend. Way too heavy. Acknowledge the pain and hurt others may have caused you, and let it all go to God, your higher power, the Universe. Empty out that sack.


Live your life without limits.

Say this multiple times over the weekend. “I give myself permission to be alive and live my life without limits.”

Let your body, emotions, passion and thought process be free.

We are all here to connect to our divine self and fully live our lives with cancer, without cancer and beyond.

With joy in your heart, this weekend let yourself be alive.

Forgive those who have hurt you and ditch that sack of potatoes forever.

See you next week.

Love you,






Thought for the day: Have you been limiting yourself and your life, and then wondering why life is so limiting? Time to set your beautiful self-free.

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