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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Free Your Soul with Forgiveness

Today I want to talk to you about Forgiveness and how important it is for you to live a successful and fulfilled life. Before my cancer diagnosis 28 years ago, I would blame everyone and everything for my life challenges because I never had the tools to know how to forgive. It never occurred to me that I needed to forgive. Forgiveness will free your soul It is vitally necessary to forgive if you want to fulfill your dreams and live a life in peace and harmony. I’m sharing with…

Mother told me I wasn’t good enough.

Mother told me I wasn’t good enough so I never felt good enough. When was the last time you sat still and recognized your accomplishments? I’m not talking about physical things like the amount of money you make or the big house you live in with the fancy car in the driveway. I’m talking about the expansion of your soul and the life lessons you’ve learned. If the evolution of our soul is a fact of life, we will want to keep evolving and becoming more aware so we can…

Can we have it all?

Can We Have it All?  If you collected all of the articles, blog posts and white papers that have been written on the topic of stress over the last few years, you’d have enough to fill a small fleet of Honda CR-Vs. There is so much information about stress that reading all of it would completely stress you out. But is any of this information really helping people deal with the stress in their lives? If you tell your doctor about your stress, he’ll quickly write you a prescription for…