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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Marci Shimoff and Prudence Sinclair – Finding Gold in the Dark

Marci Shimoff and Prudence Sinclair –  Finding Gold in the Dark The FREE Summit Series has begun:  Finding Gold in the Dark. Today we have Marci Shimoff and me. Marci is speaking about how we can shift out of darkness by learning strategies that actually allow us to experience more happiness. All of us have set points to what we can receive whether what we are trying to receive love, money, happiness, or whatever else may be important. Marci specializes in moving our set point regarding how good we can feel by sharing with you:…

If the Grass is Greener…Drink it!

If the Grass is Greener… Drink It!   It looks just like the stuff in your yard but wheatgrass is quite different from common lawn grass. Wheatgrass is medicine, pure and simple, and is loaded with nutrients. Consider the fact that just 2 ounces of the green juice has the nutritional equivalent of five POUNDS of raw organic vegetables. Read that sentence again. It has twice the amount of vitamin A as carrots and is higher in vitamin C than even oranges. It also has all of the B vitamins,…