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Monthly Archives: May 2015

3 More Reasons to Avoid GMOs

3 More Reasons to Avoid GMOs By now you already known that genetically modified foods, or GMOs, are bad for us. Animal studies have shown that GMOs lead to organ damage and immune system disorders, infertility and accelerated aging, and human studies have shown that these foods can leave material behind in our bodies that can cause long-term health problems. For example, genes inserted into GM soy can transfer into the DNA of bacteria that lives inside our bodies and that the insecticide produced by GM corn has been found…

Men Have Body Issues, Too!

Men Have Body Issues, Too! I wrote last week about how women are plagued on a daily basis with body image issues. And the fact is, women have been judged extremely harshly for decades about their appearance whereas, until very recently, men weren’t nearly as scrutinized. But all of that is now changing. And it’s no wonder with Hollywood hunks like Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and Zac Ephron strutting around without a shirt on showing off their six pack abs every other day. Now, as a healthy heterosexual woman, I…