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Doctors gave me six months to live. That was 28 years ago when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - malignant melanoma - the most aggressive form, Nodular Melanoma. A disease normally found in men over 65 years of age, not someone in her early 20's. After decades of research and study I've discovered the truth about how to heal from cancer using natural and Integrative protocols. It must be a whole system approach.
Prue's Place is your soulful space to meet like-minded supportive friends, get educated and start learning what YOU can do to heal your life.
Experts in the world of Epigenetics (turning on your good genes) have endorsed Prue's Place and share their knowledge and expertise with us at our "Save Your Life" Symposiums.
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#1 community for preventing and healing cancer naturally.

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  • "You are unique - Your life is unique. To live your best life you need a philosophy - a plan - purpose and passion." ~Prudence Sinclair

    I help lovely people like you. I'm your natural healing advocate - alternative medicine and natural therapy advisor, Integrative "Cancer Coach." I will support you no matter what treatment choices you make. I'm your buddy 100%+ guiding you on your unique healing journey; supporting and advising you without judgement as you walk courageously through the fear of this disease with grace and grit. I've been where you are right now and I know first hand how you are feeling. We will work together to find the right treatment plans, traditional, non traditional, complementary; the right doctors and healing plans for your unique lifestyle and philosophy. I will share my 3 decades of global study, experience, knowledge and wisdom with you. Let's take charge of your life. More about Private Time with Prue here

    Learn more about what Prue did to save her life. Prue's step-by-step Epigenetics' program Prue's "Save Your Life" System.
    We can't keep blaming your genes! :) Science has now proven that 90% of illness is due to toxins and environmental issues - your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle. We flip cancer on its head here at Prue's Place. Re-think Cancer.
    Kudos from people who have healed their life.

    Holly Schmidt heals from a rare auto-immune disease

    Kevin Roth heals from stage 3 melanoma

    Join us at Prue's Place and become part of our soulful community and learn about Prue's "Save Your Life" System. Let's take charge of your life. I'm here for you and will hold your hand step-by-step helping you re-bebuild your immune system and your whole life with cancer and beyond.
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    Bernie Siegel
    "The keys to how one performs in any area of your life is having a capable life coach and showing up for practice. Prudence can be your cancer coach and your guide through her resources and wisdom."

    Bernie Siegel, MD
    Internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer. Retired Surgeon, Yale New Haven Hospital. Author & New York Times best seller, Love, Medicine and Miracles.
    Barry Sears
    Dr. Brian Clement says, “Save Your Life with Prudence.” “Prue reversed Stage 4 malignant melanoma with the intervention of natural therapies. Prue has done something exceptional producing her 6-module online course, "Save Your Life," Sign up for her program and learn how to turn your life around. Get the strength to move forward to heal as Prudence has. Don’t be out there on your own. Do you want to be healed or on a mission of death and dying?”
    Bernie Siegel
    "I've known Prue for nearly a decade. She was ahead of the curve in the 80's when she researched and studied the relationship between anti-inflammatory diets, fish oils and cancer. Sign up for one of Prue's programs and expert coaching. She will help you heal your life."

    Dr. Barry Sears
    Leading Research Scientist & author of the #1 New York Times best seller, The Zone, which started anti-inflammatory nutrition.

Cancer Truths: “We’ve got it all.”

Cancer Truths: “We’ve got it all.” Have you or a loved one been told by a doctor, “we’ve got it all?” Before you start reading any further, I need to warn you my lovely peeps that today I’m going on a rant because I’m sad and I’m pissed off with the lies my peeps are hearing from their doctors. I am about to tell you some home truths about cancer and share a beautiful story of a twin sister’s unconditional love. I hope this story will encourage you to dig…

They killed him on February 14, Valentine’s Day

They killed him on February 14, Valentine’s Day Did you ever wonder why on this day, February 14, we celebrate love all around the world and call it Valentine’s day? Do you know who Valentinus was? Valentine’s Day began in the third century with an oppressive Roman Emperor, Claudius 11 and a humble Christian martyr called Valentinus. Emperor Claudius ordered all Romans to worship 12 Gods only and made it a crime punishable by death to associate with Christians. Valentinus was a true believer in Christ and not even the…

Are You A Silly Sod?

Hello lovely you, Let’s lighten up our lives. Get ready to laugh! Laughing is great medicine. Don’t miss out on our fun competition below. There are prizes! Are you a Silly Sod? I’ve lived in America for 25 years, and I still have moments when my New Zealand/Aussie or British slang sneaks out. Sometimes it happens at the most inappropriate moment. Opps! I then have to explain what I said, and that can be a PC nightmare. When you look up “silly sod” in the Oxford dictionary, it means a…

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We discuss the 3 things to do when first diagnosed with cancer - 8 questions to ask your doctor and we debunk the 5 myths surrounding cancer and chronic illness.

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